I LOVED “Married My Mom, Birthed a Dog” – it was engaging, funny, and authentically Allison from cover to cover. Allison is honest, real, and courageous and she puts to paper all those things we secretly think in our head. She is a survivor and we can all learn from her resiliency – the knowledge and wisdom that she has gained and shared so candidly through her own personal experience is inspiring and motivating. Her vulnerability in sharing her story is a gift to the world, and this is one of few books I would recommend to those I love most – my family, friends, and professional colleagues.

Allison inspires us all to be resiliency ninjas. Especially in a world where challenges and tough situations can feel like the norm, this book provides a map to help navigate life, especially when life sucks. The “Resiliency Ninja Formula” is clear and effective. Its innovative approach was brilliant and simple, and it also pushed me in a way where I felt challenged, yet it was also realistic enough that I felt empowered to actually do it.

In a world where we often only see people’s bright shiny moments, Allison takes a real approach and shows us how our struggles, challenges, and mistakes can be our best teachers and make us stronger. She uses her own story to prove that no matter what, we can cope, grow, and be resilience ninjas!!

Not only is Allison a survivor, she is brave and courageous to share her story. Thank you Allison – you transformed your tears into jewels and everyone who reads this book is better for it!!