Leading A Resilient Culture

A resilient company starts with resilient leaders. This inspiring and entertaining keynote will shift the perception leaders have on what it means to be resilient and how they can empower others to master the skill.

Allison will reveal her proven formula for resilience mastery, as well as share her popular model: The Resilience Set Point Dial.

Leaders will learn to recognize their natural response to challenges and create awareness that will have a positive ripple effect on the entire team. Your audience will leave ready to take action and motivated to master resilience for themselves and inspire it in others.

In this keynote you will learn:

  • The formula that will show you exactly how to build resilience at the individual, department and organizational levels.
  • The risks a non-resilient culture has on your division’s performance and strategic outcomes.
  • How to instantly reframe any situation to empower others to take inspired action.
  • The questions to ask to identify the right tools to quickly move past obstacles in the workplace.
  • How to support and inspire a culture of resilience among your team.
  • The simple exercises that radically transform your team’s resilience and shut down toxic behaviors to stay focused on results.


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We’re working in a time of unprecedented rapid change. Just as your team adjusts to one issue, shifting needs or the marketplace dictate another. Mastering everyday resilience is a proactive step you can take before change-fatigue sets in or your best leaders burnout. This program addresses the different ways people react to obstacles and shares fresh concepts to inspire yourself and others to operate in the Resiliency Ninja zone. The team will learn to approach day-to-day challenges with optimistic confidence and not allow obstacles to stall projects or cause unnecessary stress. You’ll leave with ideas and inspiration to empower a supportive and productive culture that embraces obstacles, minimizes unnecessary stress and diminishes resistance to change.

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Embrace Your Inner Resiliency Ninja

Allison Graham inspires and entertains audiences with her story of resilience and empowers audiences with tools that dramatically increase everyday resilience and coping capacity.

In this keynote you will learn:

  • -Why stress isn’t actually your problem and how you can minimize it.
  • -The Resiliency Ninja formula to understand how you can be more successful, joyful and confident during difficult times.
  • -How to quiet your inner critic and learn to love and appreciate yourself – flaws and all.
  • -What to do if you have toxic people in your life or are surrounded by people who don’t believe in you.
  • -How to objectively look at your problems, reframing them to decide what’s in your control to fix.
  • -Simple ways to stop destructive habits that hold you back, such as worry, drama and self-sabotage.
  • -The power of forgiveness to truly find freedom in your life.

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Inspiration, motivation and insights to embrace life’s obstacles and rise stronger and more successful than you ever imagined. Obstacles will either stall progress or propel you to profits – but the question is, how do you actually master resilience? The Resiliency Ninja formula, that’s how! Resilience can be learned and mastered.

I’ll speak out loud the conversations and thoughts most people leave inside their heads – such as the Internal Messenger of B.S. and other not-so-nice (yet highly relatable) confessions from building a career during a personal decade of hell. Despite multiple surgeries, chronic nerve pain, additional injuries, deaths of people close to me and all the compounded issues that came from those experiences, I still believe the best in life can rise from the worst circumstances, when you embrace your inner Resiliency Ninja.

Mastering Everyday Resiliency

In this fascinating and inspiring keynote Allison Graham will share the latest research on resilience. She will walk your audience through her proven formula for resilience mastery, as well as the Continuum of Challenges method that has been described as “game-changing” by her clients. Audience members will leave empowered and better equipped to master everyday resilience so that they can confidently deal with challenges and competing priorities at work.

In this keynote you will learn:

  • -The power of everyday resilience and how it will release unnecessary stress.
  • -The risks to your career and stress levels if you don’t master resilience.
  • -Your natural set point response when you face challenges.
  • -The continuum of challenges and the importance of classifying stress, obstacles and adversity.
  • -The Resiliency Ninja formula that empowers you to proactively increase your capacity for resilience.
  • -How to instantly reframe challenges and to take action to adapt to what you face.
  • -Simple techniques to calm your inner critic and stop the unhealthy habit of worry.


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At times, it can feel like you’re playing a real-life game of whack-a-mole, swatting down one problem just in time for another to erupt – and that’s happening at home and work! Conflicting priorities, rapid change, and unending demands on your time and talents can cause burn out, frustration and a loss of productivity.

Success is not saved for innately resilient people like professional athletes and mountain climbers. Resilience is a skill that can be nurtured and perfected by anyone eager to embrace all life has to offer. With the right formula, you can hone your inner strength and rise stronger, and more successful than before, no matter what challenges you face.

Mastering Everyday Resiliency

Perfect for a keynote, interactive professional development day or a conference breakout session.

In this session you will learn:

  • -The steps that move a professional relationship from “unknown” to “loyal alley and referral source.”
  • -The 4 motivations that are required in order for a relationship to develop.
  • -How to easily make time for networking even though your to-do list is already overloaded.
  • -Techniques to navigate networking events and get higher value from the experience.
  • -An easy formula to determine exactly where to go to meet the people you want in your network.

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The greatest asset in your professional life is your network. Connecting and building meaningful professional relationships with people from various sectors and within your firm who have access to different resources and wisdom, can be a challenging obstacle. Anything you want to accomplish is only one connection away, but overloaded task lists, heavy work demands, and comfort zones can mean that relationship development is reactive at best, and, at worst, non-existent. With the right tools, you can overcome this challenge in a fraction of the time it would take others.

Allison will reveal the secrets that the most connected people know to evolve and solidify profitable relationships that lead to opportunities, instead of just being busy. You will learn what it takes to inspire trust while moving a connection from being just known to a loyal professional relationship.