Allison’s message is for professionals who want to master everyday resilience to achieve more despite stress, obstacles and adversity.

Why Clients Love Working with Allison

Speaking professionally since 2006, Allison knows and respects all the moving parts that go into making an event a success. Working with Allison will be the easiest part of your job. She offers keynote speeches, client appreciation events, breakout sessions, and small group training.

Clients describe her as a “true professional”, “easy-to-work with” and a “breath of friendly fresh air walking into the conference.”

Some cool things Allison does that make her clients love her:

  • Responsive, timely and thorough communication
  • Online calendar for easy meeting booking
  • Available for networking pre-and-post speech as schedule permits
  • Book signings
  • When travel time permits, she’ll listen to the other speakers to tie in their messages from stage
  • Q&A with any sized audience
  • Advanced calls with stakeholders to understand your objectives, current challenges and industry lingo
  • Customized content to address needs of audience

Download Allison's Speaker Summary Sheet

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Keynote Speeches

keynotes header

Offering engaging keynotes that will make each person feel like they’re having a conversation with Allison even though there are hundreds in the room. There will be laughs and Allison will share her signature insights, so even the most experienced event-goers will stay off their phones and be absorbed in the speech.

Visit the topics page to choose the best speech for your audience.

Client Appreciation Events

speaker for client appreciation events
If you’re looking to do something powerful to treat your favorite clients, then bringing Allison in as a featured speaker is an excellent decision. She’ll share her message and highlight the profile of your company. Your clients will feel more connected to your brand and leave with a lasting memory and impact.
Choose the best topic for your client appreciation event by clicking here.

Breakout Sessions

inbound speaker for breakout sessions allison graham

Allison knows that the mark of an exceptional conference is the quality of the content. That means choosing breakout sessions that can wow the audience as much as the plenary sessions is critical. Many clients choose to have Allison speak twice, both on the main stage followed by a breakout session (that ends up being standing room only!)

You can choose if her breakout session will go deeper into the keynote content or feature a complementary topic.

Visit the topics page to choose the best content for your breakout.

Small Group | Team Training

team building speaker allison graham

Allison’s work is not just for big audiences. She loves working with teams for professional development training and team building days. The interactive and insightful content will shift how the team deals with challenges. The session(s) will positively reposition team dynamics by showing them how to significantly reduce unnecessary stress and solve problems creatively.

Visit the topics page to choose the best program for your audience. All speech topics can be expanded into workshops.

Partial client list.

  • advocis
  • AHP
  • Allianz
  • BMO
  • BMOnesb
  • BMOwealth
  • Bossynaggy
  • bridgeforce
  • CAMA
  • Canspep
  • carswell
  • casl
  • CIBCwood
  • CMA
  • communitech
  • communityL
  • Cowan
  • CPA
  • Diply
  • enabling
  • ENJO
  • EY
  • Fan
  • FanCTS
  • FanLK
  • FCR
  • Footcare
  • God
  • Gowling
  • HRPA
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