Resiliency Ninja

When life isn't working out the way you want...some days you're a rockstar and other days you're wishing you could hide under the covers and scream in have a choice: 

Be a victim of the bad stuff and let your challenges define you...OR you can get really good at dealing with life's crap and rise a Resiliency Ninja!

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You can learn tactics to get more clients and be more successful, that's not your problem. So, why aren't you doing better?

The issue is everything that gets in the way of doing the tactics. 

Stress. Pain. Obstacles. Financial Issues. Overwhelm. Grief.

Self-Doubt. Judgment. Comparison. 

Those are the kind of topics that I cover in the monthly membership training so you can be more joyful, more confident and more in control of your life and biz.

"I have tried more "programs" than I care to admit. Resiliency Ninja is different, it is better. Finally, something worth my time, energy and money. Allison keeps her lessons quick, simple, direct and EASY.  

I haven’t found other self-help experts who are completely vulnerable and open about their private struggles. Usually they are so guarded pretending their life is perfect that I can't even relate to them, let alone learn from them.  

Through this program, not just one part of my life is enhancing, every part of my life has benefited. I can't thank you enough Allison for finally offering what has never been done before."

- Betsi Simmons, Profesional Organizer at LiveLifeEasy

What is Resiliency Ninja All About? 

There is no doubt you have a story.  

Grief, loss, chronic pain, financial struggles, self-doubt, depression, self-judgment, loneliness, or even just the daily expectations of juggling home and work and the stress that can cause.

In fact, there are days when you may feel like you’re playing a life-sized game of whack-a-mole. Swatting down one problem, just in time for another to erupt.  

Life's toughest stuff doesn't have to hold you back. You CAN take control of your life and business - no matter what's happening behind the scenes.  

Can you relate?

We’re never taught how to successfully deal with our emotions and bounce forward after adversities.  

Some people just do – they shut out the bad stuff and power through.  

I used to do that. But then, the bad stuff was too much to handle – and I crashed. Doctors told me the nerve pain would never go away, and encouraged me to redefine my expectations for my life.  

That was a turning point. In that moment, I said, screw this!  

There began my personal journey to Resiliency Ninja. I had to create tools to reduce stress, overcome obstacles and redefine my life after adversity.  

It wasn’t easy, but that’s why I am on a mission to give you the tools I used through my tough times to grow a successful business and career amid chronic nerve pain, multiple losses and all the emotional, mental and physical dominos that fell because of it.

So, that’s what this program is all about: showing you how to be stronger, be better and escape the crushing weight of life's challenges.

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Let's Walk Your Path to Resiliency Ninja Together...

Join Resiliency Ninja and...

get all of this (every two weeks you get a new training):

  • Access to the Resiliency Ninja Formula so you know exactly what it takes to be resilient and can work the formula like a master so that nothing can hold you back.
  • Info on the Continuum of Challenges so that you can quickly access if a situation is a stress, obstacle or adversity and therefore know exactly what tools to use. 
  • Ideas to control stress so that you are in control of your life and business and you have the bandwidth to work on the important aspects of your business and when necessary, deal with the adversities that come your way confidently. 
  • Insights on how to deal with obstacles because if they're exaggerated they are more difficult to deal with and when adversity strikes, you don’t have the capability to heal from the hurts because your heart and your mind have no idea how to slow down and process emotions. 
  • A crash course on how to master your emotions so you avoid the emotional roller coaster that can make you unhappy and derail your business. 
  • Proven advice on how to Calm your Internal Messenger of Bullshit so that you can stop worrying about stuff that’s out of your control. 
  • Steps to let go of the past so you can step into your future and realize your full potential as a business owner.
  • PLUS, access to a community of Resiliency Ninjas. These will be your peeps, the place to belong and find the best path to success, without wallowing, or accepting less than your true potential! 
  • And so much more...

NOTE: This will be your only opportunity to join Resiliency Ninja with a free trial. Don't delay, your time is now...  

Hi! I'm Allison Graham

Never judge a book by it cover (or me by my smile!) Lord knows I earned every flash of the pearly whites.  

We'll get to know each other through the program and you can read a more indepth story at, but here's the gist:

I was an enthusiastic young professional when I lost my dad. Then my grandma. Then I started a business, Elevate Biz and within months, I went in for a quick surgery and came out with permanent nerve pain. That began what I call my Decade of Hell. It was followed by more surgeries, 8 random injuries and many more deaths of people l loved. :(  

Like everyone, just because my personal life was a mess, I couldn't let down my clients. The show must go on, as they say. I kept up appearances in public and collapsed in private. I devised ways to be resilient, and now I'm on a mission to help others reach their potential, no matter what road blocks get in their way.  

I treat my dog like a child (judgment free zone) - he's earned it! He gives so much love, I give it right back!  

Not much more than that is needed here. I'm an open book, so if you want to know, just ask. What you see is what you get. Good days and still lots of bad days, but I've learned to rise above the pain and the continuum of challenges (I'll explain that in month two of the program) to succeed anyway! I invite you to do the same.

The program only takes about an hour a month for training

Resiliency Ninja

FU-CHAAA challenges out of your way!