Welcome Resiliency Ninja!

You can find joy and success in times of unwanted change and adversity.

Everyday you have to be resilient. HOW? I’ll show you.

Without the right tools, your challenges will define your level of success – don’t let that happen!

Rise a Resiliency Ninja instead.

Here’s the gist of my mentorship, online training and speaking programs:

It’s the human stuff like self-doubt, stress, comparisons, pain, and the Internal Messenger of B.S.

that keep you stuck. Sometimes it’s the need to fix shit in your business – like sales, attitude and marketing. You can’t succeed without addressing both.

The point of being a Resiliency Ninja is to create a super-strong foundation for your life, so that you have the bandwidth, confidence and insights to grow your business and skyrocket your career!

My role is to help you do that.

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Perfect for you audience at:

  • Entrepreneur / small business conferences
  • Financial companies (investments, banks, insurance, commercial banking)
  • Professional services firms (law, accounting, consultants, transportation, logistics, HR/recruitment firms)
  • Tech industry
  • Trade shows
  • Women’s Empowerment Events


Resiliency | Biz Development | Chronic Pain

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I love to speak at conferences!

I really do. My new speech is all about – you guessed it – how to be a Resiliency Ninja! For over 10 years, I’ve been speaking to audiences about how to develop business (you know, important stuff like sales, networking and marketing), and I still do that too over at Elevate Biz.

If you’re looking for a conference speaker, I can make your audience laugh and cry, and most importantly, give some easy-to-use tools to be more resilient in their work and life. I’ll say out loud the conversation others keep in their head, tackling topics like stress, obstacles and adversity, finding a new path after unwanted change, overcoming self-doubt and, most importantly, about the power of forgiveness.

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I SAY FU-CHAAA – ALOT. You can too.

This is your road map to deal with unwanted change and adversity >>

This book is changing lives! I know this because people, just like you, keep sending me notes about what resonated for them and how they are applying my ideas. Buy it through your fave book store. If you don’t laugh / relate, tell me and I’ll send you my biz book, which is really serious. πŸ™‚

You don't need a decade of hell to relate.

My decade of hell inspired this. It sucked! Seriously, random shit went sideways – a lot.

That doesn’t mean you need to go through hell to relate. Everyday we are tasked with being resilient.

Unwanted change, useless drama, physical pain, broken hearts. All of it requires resilience and without mastering the skill, your problems will define you. I created the Resiliency Ninja formula because the canned, cookie cutter advice didn’t work for me. If you find yourself in need of being resilient, it won’t work for you either.

No matter what’s happening in your life, with the right tools, you can still succeed professionally, like a Resiliency Ninja!

This is Winston C.

Winston loves people – I bet he’ll love you too. I know he’s a dog, not a child, but I don’t have real children yet, so he’s my little guy. W.C. is a constant source of JOY. In my worst moments, when I was in too much pain to do anything (before I mastered my pain and became a Resiliency Ninja) Winston hung by my side, without judgment, and made me feel like everything would be okay.