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What’s your obstacle?

Biz Dev? Overwhelm?

The Entrepreneurial Roller Coaster?

Don’t let it define your outcome.

Instead, put me, Allison Graham, in your corner!

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Sarah Grant, CPA, CA, TD Corporate WIL Co-Chair

You were absolutely fantastic today – the passion and conviction in what you do is so energizing and inspiring! On behalf of the TD Corporate WIL Committee, thank you so much for being the star of the event!

Sarah Grant
TD Corporate WIL

Eagle Management Group

I’ve been selling for over 30 years and left Allison’s talk with several takeaways. It was a very valuable presentation. You were so engaging, I left revved up and ready to make new contacts.

Laura Marzella Fee
Eagle Management Group

NAL Insurance

Allison Graham was our keynote speaker four times for the Driving for Profits conference series. 98% of conference attendees rated her as “excellent”, 100% good or excellent. Her work directly impacted the networking buzz at the conferences.

Chris Henry
NAL Insurance

Zavitz Insurance Group

Allison’s message launched my professional life. She taught me how to network the right way and inspired me to love sales!

Justine Zavitz
Zavitz Insurance Group

Join my growing group of happy clients!

Let's talk about your next conference, training day or biz growth needs. It's easy, just choose a time in my calendar.

(Prefer to just email me? No problem, click here for all my contact details.)

BTW, I'm not Professor Allison Graham who did the TED talk on social media (hopefully one day I'll do my own TED talk!).  I'm not Allison Graham the actor who has done some cool movies. I'm not Allison Graham the sports reporter, and obviously, I'm not the Graham T. Allison who writes the nuclear terrorism books! I am me, the Allison Graham who speaks about biz development, the roller coaster of entrepreneurship and resilience!

If I'm really the Allison Graham you're looking for - I would LOVE to have a call with you to talk about having me speak at your next conference or to be your biz growth coach!

Thanks for sharing!
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