Welcome Resiliency Ninja!

You are in the right place if you feel like the proverbial fan is blowing on HIGH

and you want to bounce back even faster & stronger than you ever thought you could!

Here’s the gist of this site:

You are not defined by your challenges, but by how you conquer them. This is where you find tools to rise as a Resiliency Ninja, defining your own path to success, no matter what tries to get in your way!

We aren’t taught how to deal with our emotions, obstacles or adversities. That’s a problem. Even worse, society expects us to wear stress with pride. Forget that! You’ll learn to be in control of your life. Imagine that!

If nothing changes and you don’t make an effort to grow personally, then nothing will change. (deep thoughts by AllieG) Let’s ditch the same old. You can have more, do more and be more! It’s time to step into the full you!

Are you ready to join the Resiliency Ninja movement and FU-CHAAA challenges out of your way? Dive into the free stuff or get the DEEP DIVE INSIGHTS in my monthly training.

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Here’s the scoop on me:

I love to speak at conferences!

I really do. My new speech is all about – you guessed it – being a Resiliency Ninja! For over 10 years, I’ve been speaking to audiences about how to grow their top-line (you know, important stuff like sales, networking and marketing), and I still do that too over at Elevate Biz. I also do a bunch of media work. You can check it out here.

People ask if I still get nervous. My mom would say yes, because I always text her before I go on stage to ask her for prayers and good vibes. I think it’s less nerves and more an excited anticipation of what I’m actually going to say.

If you’re planning a conference or want a guest for your show, then…how can I say this professionally…aem, pick me, pick me!!


I poured my heart & soul into this book >>

Apparently people love it as much as I do, so you may want to get a copy. It’s available almost everywhere! If you don’t laugh / relate, tell me and I’ll send you my biz book, which is really serious. 🙂

My decade of hell inspired all this.

It sucked! Seriously, random shit went sideways – a lot.

Even so, I kept going and built a successful career and business. The bad stuff was a gift because I chose not to be a victim, but a Resiliency Ninja.

Now I’m on a mission to help others bounce back even faster and  stronger when bad stuff happens. sharing my lessons from the road to Resiliency Ninja!

This is Winston C.

He’s becoming a Superstar and loves people – I bet he’ll love you too. I know he’s a dog, not a child, but since I don’t have real children yet, he’s my little guy. W.C. is a constant source of JOY and let’s face it, the world needs more joy!